My journey started a little over a year ago, when I decided to write something in the paranormal genre that included ghosts. A chat with my husband led me to do some research on the many and different types of ghosts in Chinese culture. The ghost that scared and intrigued me the most was the Shui Gui. Rooted in Chinese folklore, the Shui Gui is a ghost that lives in the water and drowns its victims to take over their souls. Yikes!

I subscribed to several writing and reading communities to work on my story and read the work of other upcoming authors. At the same time, I read several paranormal and YA books from established authors. Blogs that dealt with the do’s, don’ts, maybe’s, and “don’t even try it” about self-publishing were also part of my reading list. After months of writing, personal craziness, and preparation (beta readers, copyeditors, proofreading, kindle formatting, and much, much more), on August 18th I finally released my new book, Shui Gui; A Water Ghost Novel .

Every day I learn something new. Thus far, the key lessons from the Author/Publishing industry, that resonate with me are; patience, resilience, and read/write every day. But the most important one of them all is to love your work, and I love my story of Hunter Wells and the Shui Gui.

The ebook will be available for free on Amazon Kindle from September 16th through September 18th  and I hope you will take advantage of this promotion. A big thank you to all those who retweeted my book’s recent promotion from Indie Author News, and to my family, friends, and fellow writers who supported me through the good, the bad, and the meltdowns.

Shui Gui; A Water Ghost Novel

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