Digital Dictionary Blog Follow Like ConceptsIn my last blog, I mentioned how the amount of social media continues to increase, giving us all a chance to learn and share information. As our lives get complicated with more and more responsibilities, it makes it harder for us to read everything that comes through our inbox.

I decided to share with you some of the blogs that I read that are fascinating to me for two reasons. First, their material is helpful and creative, focused on improving our craft, whether you’re a writer, an indie author, self-published or traditionally published author. Second, they are often posted, available at all times and have something unique. I admire that these bloggers find and dedicate their time to enrich our lives.

Last week I mentioned the following five:

Molly Greene Writer- She is a well-known blogger and published author of fiction and non-fiction, both outstanding pieces of work.

Author Unpublished Cary Morton’s describes her blog as “Brutally Honest Reviews” and also features on Fridays called “Free Fiction Friday” and it’s a list of fiction books, mainly Young Adults that are for free in Amazon. Don’t miss it.

Benjamin Wallace Books has carved the way for writers to incorporate videos in their blogs which make them more personal. Sarcastic and very funny, he is also very knowledgeable and shares many helpful hints.

Positive Thoughts – They send pictures that are just breathtaking and typically include an inspirational quote inside the picture. This is a great source for tweeting and sharing with others.

New York Public Library –Their resources are endless; writing tips and advice, info on author publications, current events, trends and many more. Also this a great source for tweeting to others.

This week I add four more to my list:


Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers is another great blog. First, I love the look, combining classical with high-tech functions. Their suggestions focus on writing improvement and beyond. In the last post, “Tips When Writing Multiple POV Novels” (a challenge in itself) Angela Ackerman had author Lisa Gail use her novel Soul Crossed to walk us through her suggestions, in a very detailed way. In one, concise post, we received so much useful information, and most of it, from the author’s perspective. I’ve seen this blog use this format before and have thoroughly enjoyed it. They also have the largest thesaurus collection of anyone I know in their blog section under “Thesaurus Collection.” You can add your ideas to their Suggestion Box. I strongly recommend this blog!


The Book Designer

The Book Designer is as they say, “practical advice to help build better books”. For some unknown reason, the first time I saw the title of this blog, I thought that it only related to the design of book covers. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In my opinion, Joel Friedlander has done a marvelous job in bringing almost everything that a writer would want to know or need for their craft, under one umbrella. Topics from marketing, book reviews, cover design, social media, interviews, and so forth. I have not had the opportunity to read everything in this site but I refer to it when I need to drill into a topic. I encourage you to visit this site and get familiarized with its contents. You will be pleasantly surprised.


The Write Life

The Write Life is a beautifully organized blog site that I love not only for the information that it publishes but for its simplicity of use. The pictorial icons that they use to get access to the articles give the site a very interactive feel. As they describe in their “About” section, written by Alexis Grant, Managing Editor, they are a “community, featuring contributors who specialize in ebook promotion, blogging, finding an agent, and more. We give writers with experience and knowledge a place to share what they’ve learned, so we can all keep moving forward.” And in my opinion, they definitely meet their mission. You can be a contributor and write for their blog as long as you meet their guidelines published on the site. I just happen to run into this blog during some recent research that I did on self-publishing. While it was not in my original list of twenty, after reading a few of the articles, I couldn’t help but to include it. Terrific Blog!


A Writer’s Path

You can always count on Ryan Lanz to publish his Inspiration Point quote at least weekly. His blogs could be as simple as a quote, an article, a book review and even an interview. It’s like a box of chocolate—like many other blogs. But one interesting feature that I feel sets him apart is his Writer’s Tool Box. He has created a concise list of ideas to improve your writing from other writers and sources, in addition to his own experience and documented them in, what he terms a “Tool Box”. He makes the list accessible to subscribers. It is a very original idea. He is also very approachable and willing to help others.