Social media has given us an immense amount of choices and information. Between our jobs, family or other responsibilities, it is difficult enough to find time to read books, let alone blogs. We are constantly getting bombarded with great blog information. Sometimes, I email the blog link to my email so I can save it and read it when I have time. I read every blog I subscribe to and wish I could subscribe to many more. I’ve enlisted into a speed reading program hoping I can improve my reading skills and try to catch up with the mounds of information that are now available in the market.

I decided to share with you some of the blogs that I read that are fascinating to me for two reasons. First, their material is helpful and creative, focused on improving our craft, whether you’re a writer, an indie author, self-published or traditionally published author. Second, they are often posted and available at all times. The bloggers are dedicated writers and authors that find the time to enrich our lives.

I cannot be grateful enough to them for everything that I have learned. There are many; so I will have to limit my blog to five parts to include my top twenty. I hope that you enjoy reading them and help support them so that they continue feeding us with their knowledge.



Molly Greene: Writer

Molly Greene’s blog is my favorite. She is a published author of fiction and non-fiction, both outstanding pieces of work. One of her most helpful books is “Blog It” and as she describes, it is “The author’s guide to building a successful online brand”. This is a must have! She is genuine, approachable and consistent in delivering quality articles. I am subscribed to her tweets so as soon as she issues her post, I get it. Even her older posts are useful. I can’t say enough about Molly Greene. She has a large following because she’s earned it.

Her topics vary from social media, to writing tips, to sharing other authors’ works and so forth. You will greatly benefit by being subscribed to her twitter, blog and newsletter.

Author Unpublished – Brutally Honest Reviews

Cary Morton’s describes her blog as “Brutally Honest Reviews”, and believe me when I say that they are. I had my share with my first published book. But her honesty and thoroughness are to be admired. She explains bit by bit the weaknesses and strengths of a book. After reading some of the books she’s reviewed I can tell you, she is right on the mark. There is nothing worst that to waste your time on a book that is poorly edited or constructed. Her reviews are honest and creditable. She is also very approachable.

I’ve read many blogs that say it’s a no, no to contact your reviewer, especially when you have a very bad review. Well, I did when I got my one star from her, with the purpose of thanking her for the points she made, which after deep reflection I agreed she was right. It helped me tremendously to focus on some of my weaknesses and learn from her comments. Then I asked her if I wrote another book, if she would give me another chance and review it. Her answer astonished me. She said that not only would she give me a second chance, that she would give me a third, a fourth, a fifth; a review for each book I wrote. She would not hold against me that my first book lacked luster. But instead would continue to be the professional reviewer that she is. So if you want an honest review of your book, she is the person to contact. She also has a feature on Fridays called “Free Fiction Friday” and it’s a list of fiction books, mainly Young Adults that are free in Amazon. Don’t miss it.

Benjamin Wallace Books

Ben Wallace is a wonderful author of adventure books. Imaginative and highly creative, Ben re-invented himself, his blog and marketing strategy by changing the way he reaches his fans. He uses super hilarious videos to convey his message. He had stopped writing for a couple of years and it wasn’t until recently when he decided to make some drastic changes and become what he calls, A Professional Writer. This is one of the most original blogs I’ve seen and I really think he’s onto something. He has carved the way for writers to incorporate videos in their blogs which make them more personal. It’s almost like having a conversation with the author. Sarcastic and very funny, he is also very knowledgeable and shares many helpful hints. This is a great blog.

Positive Thoughts

This for me is a must have. I read it every day as a source of inspiration. What I like about this blog is that it provides positive quotes from all aspects of life. Most of the quotes are from the blogger and not from authors. I get many tweets with author quotes so no need for more. They send pictures that are just breathtaking and typically include an inspirational quote inside the picture. This is a great source for tweeting and sharing with others. If you want to be inspired and send these thoughts via social media to others, this is a great source for sharing.

New York Public Library

Another one of my favorite blogs/newsletter is published by the New York City Library. Their resources are endless; writing tips and advice, info on author publications, current events, trends and many more. Due to the amount of information, it is not one that I visit on a daily visit. But at least, once or twice per week, I dedicate about half hour perusing through posts that challenge my mind. This is another blog that I send to my email to later read it at my leisure. Also, when I tweet, I use this as one of my sources and many times, it has been well received.


These are five of my twenty favorite blogs. In my next posts, I will continue to share with you others and my reasons why I find them helpful. Which blogs are your favorite ones? Please feel free to share your feedback.