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plant in arid land - climate warming and drought  conceptHave you ever felt like a victim of life’s circumstances? Well, lately, those are the only words that have resonated with me after experiencing the many challenges I did during the last three weeks. But today, after deep reflection, I decided to fight back.

As a writer, we all have the power of expression. And I choose this venue to express my lessons.

  1. I feel that life is like Boxing; one punch after another. The more trained we are, the better we can defend ourselves. Without preparation, we have a good chance of a knock out. So how do we prepare? That can only be answered by our inner self.
  2. If we are knocked out, should we give up? Giving up can translate into many actions; being passive, not taking any action, deflecting blame to others, etc. Or will we choose to fight back? Another answer for our inner self.
  3. If we are defeated, do we give up on Boxing all together? Sometimes I feel defeated; perhaps I’m not in the right job or pursuing the wrong dreams. But at the end of the day, defeat can only succeed if we accept it in our life. For me defeat is not like failure; failure can be turned to lessons. Defeat seems so final.

As a cancer survivor, I experienced many of these emotions and I thought then, that life would not be throwing me anymore curve balls. But I was wrong. Life is full of curve balls.

However, back then, I had a different mindset, one of a fighter. When I received my cancer treatment, I used to sit in the lobby waiting, surrounded by many people like me. Like many of them, I was determined to fight my disease with all of my strength and with a strong faith in God. I had a young child who needed me in her life.

One day, as I patiently waited for my treatment, for some unknown reason, I took out a green old notebook I kept in my purse and started to write. When I was done, I had written what I would call, inspirational thoughts. The words flowed so easily that even as I wrote them in pen, I rarely crossed out a word. It was almost like if I was taking dictation from Above. I ended up writing 12 sets in total during my entire treatment. And just as I started writing, I stopped, without any reason. The inspiration was mysteriously gone.

So today, after many years of having my poems stored in my computer collecting dust, I read them and my life became clear again. I selected my favorite one. It’s translated from Spanish to English but I don’t think that much is lost in the translation.

I refuse to be a victim of life’s circumstances anymore. I will fight with my armory of love, faith and gratitude. Why today? Because since yesterday, there have been signs everywhere I’ve turned. Maybe I wanted some confirmation, but whatever I perceived was real to me.

Before deciding to write this article, I vacillated back and forth with insecurity; will this make sense; what will people think, will I feel shame later, like Jerry McGuire and his Mission Statement.

But then, as I was riding in my car on the way home and came to a stop light. In front of me, a golden Camry stood still, waiting for the light to turn green. When I looked up at the tag on the car, in Spanish it had the letters “SIN PENA”, which in English it means, without shame. For me, that meant do not fear.

I hope you enjoy my inspirational thoughts, prayer, poem, whatever you wish to call it. It was my second one and focused on faith.


Even though I cannot understand Your divine perfection, allow me the opportunity to have the strength to confront all of the challenges that cover my path. I thank You today and always for Your compassion and for letting me demonstrate to You every minute of my life my love and respect. As an imperfect human being, I need Your guidance. But I promise to fight my way to live my life filled with dignity, faith and hope.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your inspired message, I really needed to read something like this today.

  2. Very touching, I really enjoyed reading it, thank you!

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