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A while back I wrote a story named, “How Salsa Saved My Life” and posted it on my blog. This story was in response to a challenge from Writeon Kindle that requested a story in which dancing helped you get out of a sticky situation.

Months later, I would be involved with my story one more time. I just joined a writer’s critique group for writers and authors. They are a wonderful group of people and focus on helping each other in a professional manner. There are 6 to 7 members and meet at a public library three Saturdays of the month. They bring no more than 1200 words of their stories on a paper copy for each member in the group to read and write their comments. The first few hours, we read each other’s work, not only looking for proof edits but also for ideas to clarify the storyline, characters and other components of the story. While this process is not intended to replace the function of a professional editor, we do enjoy learning from each other’s ideas and writing styles. The last Saturday of the month, we vote for a topic and each member writes a story, again no longer than 1200 words. We meet in a social setting where everyone reads their story. We comment, laugh and enjoy time getting to know each other on a social level.

Last Saturday, the topic was on siblings or other family members. Well, since I don’t have a sibling and writing about my mom is out of the question, I decided to create a story about the brother I always wish I had. I remembered my previous story on Salsa, so I decided to expand on it and change the focus. After doing so, I realized that sometimes you may write a piece you are happy with but as the editorial process, there is always room for change and improvement. I don’t think I will change or use my story again, I try to never say never. After all, like life, writing is a work in progress!

I will be posting the story separately.  I hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Love your line that writing is like life: a WIP!

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