Young Woman Doing Stretching Exercises before JoggingI have been reading many articles on blogs by authors and writers regarding disciplined writing regimens that will improve your writing timelines and make you feel more engaged. After reading, I realized I have my own regimen. My routine has helped me extend my writing sprints and staying the course. I take some breaks, but with my routine, I seldom need them.

Below is my “Prep to Write” routine and hope you may find some of these things helpful.

  1. First, I call my writing buddy to check her availability. We will either meet at Panera’s or run sprints from our homes. If we work from home, we text each other the time, ready set and go. Once we are done, we do a count of words and decide whether to continue or not. It works like a charm as we cheer each other on and push each other as far as we can.
  2. If my buddy is not available and I’m writing alone, then I let everyone in my family know not to disturb or distract me. If there is an emergency PLEASE call 911 or grandma. She always knows what to do.
  3. I get my writing snacks together and place them next to my desk or bed (what would we do without laptops); Hershey chocolate and water are a must. I try to get my real brain food, breakfast, lunch or dinner before I start writing.
  4. I installed an Audio Manager on my phone to control the volumes for all notifications including media, alerts, texts, alarm and phone. I then silence everything except for my phone and alarm which I adjust to a low setting.
  5. Inspiration can come from different sources. In most cases, I refer to “The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Difficult Words” which I bought “Used” from Amazon. I highly recommend it as a reference guide. I review the definitions of five to ten words and then may or may not use them. But mainly, it helps turn my brain switch “On”.
  6. I do between one to two minutes of meditation, focusing on thoughts of gratefulness. This exercise helps appease my mind and spirit. Then, I spend some time stretching, concentrating on my hands, arms and upper body.
  7. Finally, I set the alarm to sixty minutes at low volume and I’m ready to “rumba”.
  8. When I get stuck I look at the site “Writers Helping Writers ( where I found “The Emotion Thesaurus” ( and “The Emotion Amplifier”, ( both from authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Buglisi. Both books offer great suggestions to character expression.
  9. Once the hour is over, like a “Do Loop”, I start the process all over again!

Though it can take ten to fifteen minutes to get ready, I have found that I have greater stamina and peace before I embark on my journey.

I would love to know if you have any special “Prep” regimens that help you before you start to write. I’m sure others would also be interested in your comments. Happy writing!