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Short Story – How Salsa Saved My life

Writeon had a challenge on writing a story in which Dancing helped you get out of a sticky situation. So, just for fun, I would like to share with you the short story that I wrote.

Salsa is an integral part of our Latin culture and we often celebrate the Holidays with a little twist and turn. And if you get a chance to get the original music from Joe Cuba, “Bang, Bang”, also recently portrayed in the movie Chef, I hope you enjoy it!!!

Bang, Bang
“Bang, Bang”. I’m startled by the loud music that blasted from my seventeen year old brother’s room. My parents left me under his care for a few hours. I had to finish my multiplication homework, but I was too distracted– the rhythm of the bongos, the loud noise from the trumpets. My fascination for the beat was unstoppable. Determined, I tip-toed down the hall to find my brother’s door slightly open, tempting my mischievous, inquisitive nature. I ignored his DO NOT DISTURB sign and peaked inside.
His exquisite, choreographed Salsa moves with his invisible dance partner filled me with envy. I pushed open the door with caution, just to get a closer glimpse of his class act performance. But the loud creak of the old, wooden door interrupted his concentration. He saw me. Oh no, here it comes. He screamed, “Gloria!! How many times have I told you…” Frozen in fear, I listened and waited for him to finish his rhetorical sermon. This time, I knew I was grounded for life. Think fast, think fast. And like magic, I found my voice. “I’m sorry, it’s just that you are the best dancer in the world. I wish I could do some of those moves. But the kids just laugh at me when I dance,” I pretended to cry and turned around to leave the room.
“Wait, do you want me to show you?” he replied. Speechless, I turned to face him and with wide open eyes, nodded. He grabbed my left hand and placed it on his shoulder, then my right hand, on his waist. His eyes and head movements directed my footsteps, backward then forward. We began dancing slow at first, but gained momentum as I loosened up my body, mainly my hips. “Bang, Bang, Ah, Beep, Beep”– the music still played in the background. Though not an expert, I became his invisible partner. My ear to ear smile thrilled him, as he sang louder and louder. He lifted me up by the waist and swirled me around until we became dizzy. Once he placed me back on the floor, we tried to keep our balance, but couldn’t and fell on the floor. We laughed, hugged, bonded—and then, it finally hit me, my first and best dance ever, but phew..that was a close one, “Bang, Bang”.

Song by Joe Cuba – Bang Bang



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  1. Great short story.

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