As a follow-up to my last article, I am describing different writing styles that ignite my emotions. While I can keep writing on this topic forever, I am going to narrow it down to two more styles that I look forward to when I consider buying a book. Yes, I am one of those that sometimes can’t wait for the book to be for free or offered at $0.99. While I’m too old to be part of the NOW generation, when I see a book that its excerpt excites me, I buy it. I am a Kindle Edition member and love it!


I enjoy books that make me laugh out loud when I read them. The problem is that I only read late at night and my laughter can be somewhat annoying to my husband. I’m encouraging him to read so we can have more peace at night so we’ll see what happens. In the meantime….

Derrick Hibbard, an indie author of several non-fictional and fictional books, wrote Impish, about a lawyer who made a contract with the Devil and then tried to revoke it. This book made me laugh out loud the two nights it took me to read it. (I’m a slow reader) Below are just a few of the many funny lines in this book:

“I’m going to lose this bad boy.” He lifted up his white shirt and squeezed the skin around his belly button, making it appear to be a mouth. “No please don’t get rid of me”, the belly button said in a high-pitched voice. You’re gone buddy, Cal replied, “History”. Location 1% in Kindle, Derrick Hibbard, 2012

As a disclaimer, humor is like beauty, in the eyes of the beholder. But I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Action Packed and Fast Paced

“You need to come with us..Like h…I do,” I said as I kicked the guy in front of me in his knee. He jerked and doubled over; I put him in a head lock and cut off his circulation. I looked to Jones and saw that he already had the other man pinned to our table.” 253 of 3428 location in Kindle, 2014, Karina Espinosa

These are a few lines from Karina Espinosa’s latest novel Greed, part of her series, Sins of the Fallen. In two lines she crafted a visually vivid fight scene, and as a female, writing from a male perspective. She has a loyal fan base including myself, because of her fast paced, action packed writing style. This book left me gasping during several scenes and to top it all, she has an excellent sense of humor.


I want to clarify that my opinions of these writing styles pertain only to fiction work. When it comes to non-fiction, I focus more on the value of its content advice. For example, when building my blog, I had to find a quick reference and quality guide so I purchased Molly Greene’s book, “bLog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand”. It was very well written, easy to use and helped me in setting up my blog from scratch. It also contains other valuable information regarding social media.