As a writer, I’m always looking at the styles that other writers have. While I have my own, I like to see not so much their syntax but their descriptions, dialogue and most important, how they make me feel. I’m not a Reviewer as I don’t have the experience to be one. However, passion is not an acquired skill nor requires experience. These are some the writing styles that I’m passionate about. This blog is not to review the author’s or their books but to share with you the different styles that keep me up all night!

Poignant and Lyrical

Meg Collett, The Hunted One, is a book that I can read over and over and never get tired of it. She is a master at describing one scene in one word. An author of a few words, her dialogue is many times short, direct and does not need any elaboration. Her descriptive words have the perfect balance of complexity and simplicity. In her books, the Hunted One, for which she’s received rave reviews, she gives life to her characters with minimal effort. I just purchased her book “fakers” and can’t wait to read it. I emailed her to ask her why does she excels in this area and if she was influenced by other talented writers.

“So I put a lot of effort into my descriptions and scene-setting. I think sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do. My writing style was heavily influenced by Andrew Davidson (he wrote this book called “The Gargoyle”). His writing was lyrical and very poignant. But he made you feel the scene rather than just read it. I always aim to achieve that! “ Meg Collett, 11/11/2014

My hat off to you, Ms. Collett, and hope to continue seeing you succeed!

Beautiful Descriptive Prose and Romance

I’ve read many books that are written almost like poems. The descriptions are elaborate and transport me in a limousine to the setting of every scene. Their scenes are better than movies that have won Oscars. The skill set and talent that I think it takes these authors to write this type of novel inspire me to keep writing. The combination of words is like crocheting exquisite lace. I’ve read several works of this kind, but then I learned of John J. Geddes. Just his tweets s “like having a candle light dinner”. After reading several of his exquisite paranormal, romance short stories, I purchased his book, “Epiphany”.

It is fantastic. Every emotion that I could hold inside just erupted when I read this book. In this short sentence, he uses several beautiful descriptions that show a part of the personality this character in his novel.

“The intoxication of celebrity totally fulfilled her and she was never more sparkling and effervescent than in a room full of adoring strangers. “ Epiphany by John H. Geddes, 94 of 5497 or 2% using Kindle reader, 2013

Even his tweets are full of flavor.

Tweeted 11/14/2014
“she vanished and there was no trace of her, only footsteps in the sand.”
“she was a parachute descending out of a clear sky-another part of my landscape”

I strongly recommend you subscribe to his tweets. There is nothing more enchanting than to end dinner with a French delicacy.
Mr. Geddes, please, never stop writing. It would break my and many of your fans’ hearts!